spirit school welcome

Hi, I’m Danielle Searancke, also knows as the Squamish Medium

I am a Spiritual Medium, Mentor, and Educator committed to serving the world of Spirit through readings, mentorship, and teaching others all I know about the Language of Spirit and the unique abilities we each hold to make this world a more generous, healing and high-vibe place. Through the courses I create on Spirit School, my intention is to ignite the light-worker in each and every one of you!

I am Swampy Cree First Nations, mother or two, married to a skeptical yet supportive husband living in the mountains in Western Canada.

My greatest passion is teaching about mediumship, and building a more confident, clear and connected wave of light workers here to change the world, one reading at a time!

Through Spirit School, you will hone your own gifts and get clear on how you wish to serve the world of Spirit with your unique abilities.

Expect to feel right at home with the international Spirit School community where you will feel supported and validated as you step into your aligned life with courage. Once you are enrolled, be prepared to experience moments of deep resonance, along with, exponential personal and spiritual growth.


Danielle is so powerful, her communication is clear and grounded even when speaking of very woo-woo things. She has a practical and effective way of expressing very intangible energies yet there is also a sense of humour and lightness to it.

I found most impactful, the super potent, powerful yet simple exercises! Also the visualizations which were very vibrant and helpful. I will be revisiting all exercises and visualizations often! The course was amazing value, I got so much out of it!

~ Ayesha @oathoracle, Language of the Spirit Student